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Puppy Training


  • you're facing a problem during a training or in a test and you already know where you could find a solution or who you could contact to find a solution or a training set up for this problem
  • you could practice on your own schedule and you're getting individual response to every training step you make
  • you could work with the same trainer, with the same concept as long as you want
  • you know your next steps in training, because there is a well-belanced, structured, proven and successful system

What you will get:

  • detailed video comments every week (one video max. 5 min. per week)
  • tasks and training set ups every 2 weeks (according to your training status)
  • training videos about all problems you're facing (if they aren't already done, I'll produce them for you)
  • personal contact about all your training issues per WhatsApp or Facebook
  • my thoughts and training approaches in regard to how to build up a retriever for dummy work

What do you need?

  • Computer with internet


  • Mobile Phone with a camera to take pictures and make videos
  • Headset to chat with me via skype

Monthly payment

You can get this all for only 150€ per month.

If you're not happy you can cancel every month!